MONDO "The Party House"
*MONDO* The New Food Music!!!! MONDO, World Food New Music.The best Rave Party house for X-people and party goers and a place where live band listeners should go!!!This is Located in Makati Manila Philippines.It is just beside Fat Willy's!!!Another Rave area to party.MONDO is the best choice to enjoy yourself in!!!Foreigners are welcome here in this "Gimik" area.Mabuhay Philippines!!!!Visitors ask information too!!!Mail us through or call us through 887-5115 to 19; 555-1211.The address is....fort bonifacio entertainment center, Taguig City.You will definitely enjoy till the morning comes!!!
This here is Jenny Torres.The young and beautiful young lady who is a party goer in MONDO!!!One of the best customers in MONDO.She is sociable and friendly.She is seen here every saturday or fridays....Neither both!!!I Garauntee that any new comer that comes to MONDO will enjoy and party till the morning comes and will remember that night!
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